Trees and Shrubs

Our goal is to treat specific pests, with the best method.  An ounce of prevention

is still worth a pound of cure.  We work hard to ensure best results, best method, and best price.


Tree and Shrub Care

Insect Control:
There are many options for tree care when it comes to insects.  Spraying has its place and is great for many general pest problems.  Systemic care can be a benefit to certain pests, which is the process of getting chemicals into the tree and getting them to move through the tree.  There are a variety of options to accomplish this.

A healthy plant in the right place rarely needs additional treatments.  Almost without exception we will try to promote a healthy environment for the trees and shrubs in your yard first and then recommend additional treatments if they are necessary.

Pruning and Maintenance service includes:


Proper shaping and shearing of plants


Removal of dead or diseased material


Clean up and removal of debris

A few things make a statement like properly maintained shrubs. 

Freshly manicured landscapes are a pleasant

sight each time you pull up to your property.