Sprinkler Start-Up

Checking to make sure there are no leaking valves, drains, or heads is a great way to save money on watering your landscape. Having us start your sprinklers, check adjustments, and set irrigation controller will save you time and effort.

Sprinkler System Installation
We have installed nearly 200 systems in Eastern Idaho in the past 8 years. We still service many of those systems today. Correct design and installation along with proper start-up and winterization lead to many years of care free irrigation in your yard.
Sprinkler Winterization

Draining your system properly is the best insurance against broken pipe, valves or heads in the spring. Many systems need to be blown out when they are not built to drain properly. In these cases we use a large compressor to force air through the valves and out the heads. This service is the best option to ensure you don’t have problems with your system.